Anxiety can be short term, and techniques can be learned and used to work through periods of anxiety from day to day. However it can also be more long lasting and invasive. Symptoms such as spending long periods of time, day or night worrying about things. Feeling nervous, apprehensive and on edge. Physical tension, increased heart rate and over reaction to circumstances around us. It may feel like things are getting too much, it is becoming harder to relax and you have unpleasant feelings such as butterflies in your stomach, nausea, dizziness and feelings of dread.  Sometimes this can worsen and feel out of your control.

To understand more about your anxiety helps to put you back into that control. Learning what triggers there are for you and why, and how your body reacts gives you a chance to stop the anxiety from escalating. It gives you a chance to challenge any unhelpful thoughts, learn new ways to relax and spend less time focussing on negatives.

Looking at your own anxiety and symptoms from a fresh perspective gives you a chance to build a more healthy response when problems do arise, and reduce your anxiety as a whole.


Panic attacks


Everyone experiences panic and anxiety at some times in their lives, and it can be a safe and natural response to threat or danger. However for someone who suffers from panic attacks this can occur for no apparent reason. Your body can experience a sudden feeling of dread, followed by a rush of physical and psychological symptoms.

These can include increased

  • heart rate
  • palpitations
  • breathlessness
  • dry mouth
  • sweating
  • shaking
  • a sudden disorientation
  • and urge to run and get away from the situation you are in, even if it is not threatening.

They can last somewhere between 5 minutes to half an hour.

Some describe them as “I thought I was having a heart attack” to as much as “I was going to collapse and die”. Needless to say, although the symptoms are not life threatening they can be extremely frightening.


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