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Are you struggling to relate to your children, or finding it hard to communicate with your family? Perhaps you are at loggerheads with your boss, or having trouble connecting with colleagues.

Relationships are complex and whatever your connections with people they can be problematic from time to time. The pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and miscommunications with those around us and this can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.

If you are suffering because of relationship problems, counselling or psychotherapy can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

The therapy is aimed at helping you understand what is causing your relationship difficulties, and covers all kinds of relationship issues, including:

  • disagreements & quarrels
  • difficulty over committing
  • jealousy
  • splitting up
  • adultery
  • sexual problems
  • domestic violence
  • imbalances in power
  • problematic friendships
  • trouble in working relationships
  • finding a partner, or the right partner for you.

Relationship therapy will help you identify patterns of behaviour as you talk through your experiences, which can lead to greater understanding and clarity about the changes that are needed in your relationships.

We can work to explore the historical patterns in your relationships to enable you to improve your communication skills and form healthier patterns of relating for the future and move on from negative behaviours.

At the same time, the therapeutic relationship  is also an important model for good communication, and will help you gain self-insight into a healthy relationship. This will support you as you work towards making better informed choices and more positive bonds with others in the future.

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There are times in life when things become too difficult for us. Often friends and family can offer support, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

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My practice provides Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling that is appropriate for my clients individual needs.

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My Private practice studio is based in the heart of Ulverston, Cumbria,  however I also works using SKYPE.

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